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The Haute Detangle Brush is perfect for detangling natural and curly hair. The Haute Detangle Brush gently removes loose hairs, smooths, and defines your curls/texture. No matter your hair texture, Haute Detangle Brush is essential for tangle-free healthy hair and a healthy scalp.

Sturdy but flexible bristle rows separate for a gentle, consistent snag-free detangling experience. The Haute Detangle Brush features smooth bristles that flow easily through all hair textures and work well on steamed, damp, or wet hair. Experience it for yourself today!




  • For thick, dense hair work in sections
  • Steam or wet hair/ section
  • First hold brush in vertical (II) position & brush section starting at ends and working towards root
  • Next hold brush in horizontal (=) position and repeat brushing through section
  • Use with or without spacer. Spacer decreases the movement between bristle rows


Haute Detangling Brush

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