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  • Are hair extensions reusable?
    Yes, hair extensions that are made with 100% human hair should be able to be reused for several installs.
  • Are hair extensions safe?
    Yes, hair extensions are typically used for protective styling purposes. The stylist who installs the extensions should be a licensed cosmetologist who should be aware of the best practices with installing hair safely. Depending on how the hair extensions are applied can determine if it will be safe for your hair. If applied properly, hair extensions should not damage hair. Typically, clips are the least evasive on your hair; however, everyone has different a hair type and texture; therefore, you should consult your stylist before application.
  • Are hair extensions expensive?
    Hair extensions can vary in costs. The quality, texture, origin, and length of the hair can determine the cost of extensions. A bundle (3.5oz-4oz) of hair can range from $65 to $300.00 which can be costly depending on the type of extensions you chose. The application fee can range anywhere from $125.00 – $500.00.
  • Are all hair extensions real hair?
    No, hair extensions can be made from synthetic fibers, a blend of human hair and synthetic fibers, or 100% human hair.
  • Are hair extensions noticeable?
    The application process and techniques used for extensions can determine if it will be noticeable or not. If the texture of the extensions is different than your hair that you’re blending it with than extensions will be noticeable.
  • Are hair extensions washable?
    Yes, hair extensions made with 100% human hair can be safely shampooed and conditioned. Your stylist will give your instructions for the particular extensions.
  • Are hair extensions and weaves the same thing?
    NO, hair extensions are classified by the application process. Hair extensions can be made wefted, keratin tips, tape wefts, and clip ins. Weaves is the process of applying wefted hair to one’s hair that is braided down.
  • What lengths do extensions come in?
    Hair extensions typically range evenly from 10”- 38”.
  • What hair extensions are the best?
    Hair extensions that are made with 100% human hair with cuticles in the same direction (and a warranty for excessive shedding or tangling) are the best. Haute Hair Extensions provides luxury hair extensions that are warrantied for 6 months.
  • What hair extensions do celebrities use?
    Celebrities use various types of extensions that are wefted, keratin tips, tape wefts, and clip ins.
  • What hair extensions can you dye?
    Extensions that are made with 100% virgin human hair will color the best.
  • What hair extensions stay in the longest?
    Wefted hair extensions that are sewn down can last up to 6-8 weeks before needing to be reinstalled.
  • What hair extensions does Beyonce wear?
    Believe it or not, Beyoncé wears custom ventilated lace wig units made with Indian hair.
  • What hair salons install your hair extensions?
    Most hair salons have stylist that know how to install extensions. Haute Hair Extensions are used at these salons: • Center Stage Hair on H • Cole Stevens • E and E Hair Studio • Lamour De Rose • Reinvent U • Reniece and Company • Salon Lamaj • Salon 8226 • Studio Chic • Taylor and York • Ultimate You
  • Can hair extensions get wet?
    Yes, extensions made of 100% human hair can get wet just like your own hair.
  • Can hair extensions cover bald spots?
    In many cases, hair extensions can disguise or cover bald spots; however it is important to consult with your stylist to ensure that the present condition of your hair will allow for extensions to properly cover the areas of concern.
  • Can hair extensions be put in short hair?
    All you need is 3-4 inches of hair to put in hair extensions. You will want to mix short and long hair extension lengths for layers to achieve a natural look.
  • Can hair extensions cause hair loss?
    Yes, if hair extensions are improperly applied or removed from your hair, it can cause hair loss. Make sure your stylist is a licensed cosmetologist to ensure best results.
  • Can hair extensions help hair grow?
    Hair extensions can be used for protective hair styling. It may seem that your hair is growing faster because you are not combing or manipulating your hair. As a result you have less breakage so you RETAIN more length and fullness.
  • Can hair extensions be used to thicken hair?
    Yes, If applied appropriately, hair extensions can make your hair to appear to have more volume.
  • Will wavy hair extensions stay wavy?
    All textures should stay consistent on human hair extensions that are virgin or properly steamed processed. If too much heat is applied to hair extensions, you can damage the hair and alter the hair texture and curl pattern.
  • Can hair extensions look natural?
    There are many people wearing hair extensions every day in which it is undetectable to the human eye. If applied correctly, your hair extensions should look like its coming right out of your scalp.
  • Which hair extensions blend well with fine hair?
    Russian or Eastern European Hair are best to blend with fine hair. If out of your budget, Indian hair will also blend well with fine hair. Always best to consult with stylist prior to purchasing hair to ensure you are making the right choice.
  • Do you have a military student discounts?
    Yes! Discounts are available ONLY to ACTIVE military and CURRENT students. NOTE: Discounts are valid on a maximum of 5 bundles within a 90-day period. You will only be allowed to purchase 5 bundles at the discount rate within any 90 day period. No exceptions. To receive these discounts, you must first EMAIL a photo of your valid student ID or active military ID to If your school does not provide a student ID (online schools, etc.), please email us a copy of your photo ID/drivers license AND an official document verifying current enrollment. PLEASE INCLUDE: • YOUR NAME • PHONE NUMBER • EXACTLY what hair you’d like to purchase • The NUMBER of bundles. • If you are requesting OVERNIGHT shipping, you must provide us with your shipping ZIP code. (Ex: Mary Johnson, 216-561-2409. I would like to order 2 bundles of Malaysian Loose Wave 14 and 1 bundle of Brazilian Loose Wave 20 inch. I would like overnight shipping to zip code 44120). NOTE: Overnight shipping costs typically range from $30 to $65, depending on your location. All overnight orders MUST be placed before 2pm EST. We do not accept overnight shipping requests on weekends or outside of our normal business hours . Once received, you will be emailed an invoice with your discounted total including shipping costs. We contact all clients in the order that we receive your ID. Orders can ONLY be placed in the student’s or military member’s name. Orders WILL NOT be processed in any other name. You will have 24 hours to pay your invoice. Once paid, your hair will be shipped to you. The discount is 10% off the hair and cannot be combined or transferred (no family or friends may use your discount). Discounts can only be applied at the time you place your order. Website orders are NOT eligible for discounts.
  • What Payment Methods Can I Use?
    We currently accept all major credit cards and payments via E-check and PayPal; if purchasing via PayPal with an e-check, we will not ship your hair until your e-check clears and payment is received.
  • How Many Bundles Should I Order?
    Two bundles are recommended for a full sew-in if you are purchasing hair up to 16 inches; if you are buying 18 inches and up at least 3 bundles are needed for a full look. The amount of bundles also depends on the look a client is trying to achieve. Some clients prefer three bundles over two bundles, some prefer four bundles over three. It varies by client and their desired style.
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